Rules of The Market

  1. Only approved sellers may sell at the Market a family member or employee may sell for an approved Seller. A family member or employee of an approved seller may sell for another seller.
  2. Resale is permitted by nonprofit organizations -so long as the resale of items is related to or in support of their organization for fundraising purposes. All resale items sold by the nonprofit organizations at lrving Village must be approved by the Market Manager prior to sale.
  3. Pre-packaged items sold by weight must be labeled with the net weight and name.
  4. All vendors are encouraged to deploy an awning or umbrella to shade you from the sun. If you do not own such a device, they are available to rent from lrving Village.
  5. The City of Albuquerque’s Fire Marshall requires that all portable awnings must have weighted tie-clowns of 25 pounds at each corner to anchor the awning and protect vendors and customers from injury in the event of high winds or other inclement weather.
  6. The vendor is solely responsible for his/her merchandise, property and business transactions. Merchandise left unattended is done so entirely at the owner’s risk. Vendors are responsible for their own behavior and the behavior of other assignee’s that represent the vendor. Vendors must maintain your space in a manner that protects the safety of the public and surroundings and leave your space clean at the end of the day.
  7. Irving Village reserves the right to restrict the sale, display or distribution of any printed materials, photographs, books, paraphernalia or other representations to maintain a proper moral, wholesome environment. Prohibited items include but are not limited to: Ammunition or explosive devices, alcohol , illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, pornography or adult language displayed or advertised, violent pictures or language used to demean or incite, illegal knives, swords or weapons (determined by local law enforcement officers. (See Restrictions section below for more.)
  8. Spaces may not be used for games of skill, lotteries, raffles, palm readings, auctions or for any purpose which is carnival-related.
  9. The sale or exhibit of animals is prohibited -except as allowed for non-profit organizations involved in pet adoption.
  10. No explosive devices or devices with offensive odors, i.e. stink bombs, smoke bombs, snaps, etc. are allowed at lrving Village.
  11. Advertisements may be posted at designated locations only.