About Irving Village

Irving Village will coordinate a wide range of special events each month from City Fairs & Festivals, Pet Adoption & Crafts fair, Food events, Small circus, Urban-Air Market, Street market, Balloon Launches, Special Exhibits, Antique Fair and more. Currently Irving Village does not have permanent structures, We will have modular bathroom spaces. Events will fluctuate each weekend.

Irving Village offers vendor spaces for weekenders to come with their friends and family to enjoy special occasion events that will be organized around sessions, holidays and more. Irving Village anticipates local vendors marketing their special works of art as well as organic to non-organic manufacturer sourcing specialties from around the New Mexico area.

Irving Village is an open air concept market located on the west side of Albuquerque. Founded in 2018 by small business owner and entrepreneur Richard C. Dobbs. His vision is to create a thriving venue that supports local farmers, artist, food and music.

Open on the weekends. Irving Village loves to see new faces and we are always looking to add more vendors. So email us and apply for a spot today!

Village Floor Plan

Irving Village Floor Plan - West Side Albuquerque

info@irvingvillage.com (505) 595-4488